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Foot Efx is a nationwide foot care retailer committed to bringing customers comfort, relief and balance through stress reducing arch supports.

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Have you ever wondered...

What is an arch support?

What does it do?

Who should wear them?

How can you be sure it works?

If you've come here looking to learn more about arch supports and what we and our products can do for you, make this article your first stop.

PROOF! that Symmetry arch supports decrease pain and increase stability in many individuals. CLICK HERE
A recent groundbreaking study has proven that wearing a properly designed and fitted arch support results in significant improvements in balance, functional mobility, and reduced levels of pain in older adults. Read more...

And another study shows that Vibrating Insoles Improve Balance in much the same way arch supports do. "Human balance relies on pressure and touch signals from nerve cells in the soles of the feet, joints and ankles." - James J. Collins, Professor of biomedical engineering at Boston University.

Are you a diabetic on Medicare?
Take a look at our diabetic program and see about getting a great pair of shoes and custom inserts at little or no cost.

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Foot Efx Arch Supports are sold only at authorized Foot Efx retail stores.


Find out what Foot Efx arch supports can do for you!
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Symmetry XT

Intended for those individuals who participate in high impact sports or for those with a high arch. Life Time Warranty.

Symmetry Plus

Intended for those individuals with a mid-arch and those who participate in athletic activities. Life Time Warranty.

Symmetry Sport

Intended for those individuals who have a low arch or have a difficult time transitioning to the XT or Plus. This offers a limited amount of support. One Year Warranty.

Symmetry Endurance

Intended for those who wear dress shoes, sandals or high heels.










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